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PIMS Calendar

Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > PIMS Calendar

School YearEnter the school year for the PIMS School Calendar file.
CalendarEnter a calendar code that is as descriptive as possible for the Calendar ID field in the PIMS School Calendar file.
Calendar DescriptionEnter the description for this calendar. The Department of Education would like this description to include the calendar's purpose and target student population.
Instructional TimeEnter the number of instructional minutes per day in this calendar.
Scheduled DaysEnter the number of instructional days scheduled in this calendar (planned instructional days plus PDE-Approved ACT 80 full days).
ACT 80 DaysEnter total days in session lost due to ACT 80.
Strike DaysEnter total days in session lost due to work stoppage.
Other ReasonsEnter total days in session lost due to other reasons (i.e. snow, flood, other adverse weather conditions). Do not include days if a School Services Office waiver was granted for an emergency school closing.
Makeup DaysEnter the number of instructional days made up within or beyond the original calendar.
Graduation DateIf applicable, enter the date of the seniors' graduation ceremony.
Minutes LostEnter the total number of instructional minutes lost due to early dismissals or late starts for ACT 80 and other planned shortened days. Do not include minutes lost due to dismissals or late starts due to inclement weather.
Rotational PatternSelect the appropriate rotational pattern for part time pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs and part-time vocational programs.
Calendar ProgramIf applicable select a calendar program code.  Note that for the 2011-2012 year, the codes CTE-FE-H and CTE-PT-H have been added to identify full and part-time AVTS (Vo-tech) students.
Alternate CalendarIf desired, enter an alternate calendar code. 
ACT 80 GroupCode used by the ACT 80 application to link this calendar to a specific ACT 80 approval. This is required if you report days lost due to ACT 80.
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