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Menu path: Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Personal

City of BirthNo longer collected for PIMS.
State of BirthNo longer collected for PIMS.
Country of Birth

No longer collected for PIMS.

Social Security NumberPIMS collects the student's SSN.
State Reporting IDTo be included in PIMS submissions, the student needs a value in the State Reporting ID field. This field label is based on the District Configuration's State ID Label entry.
Hispanic/Latino EthnicityUse this field to indicate the student's Hispanic ethnicity, if applicable. PIMS reporting uses an answer of Yes in this field as an override of any entry in the Race field.
RaceMake sure each student has the correct Race value for PIMS reporting. Please note Hispanic is no longer a valid selection. Use the Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity field to indicate Hispanic ethnicity.

Select if the student is not a United States resident. This field is used in calculating the Years In US Schools data element for the PIMS Student submission.

This will determine the years in US, and report in the submission as:

  • 1 (for 0 to 12 months)
  • 2 (for 13 to 24 months)
  • 3 (for 35 to 36 months)

If the years is greater than 3, nothing is reported.

Legal/Birth Information Pane

These fields let you track a student's legal/birth name and gender for any case where a student undergoes a name and/or identified gender change. They are optional and do not affect PIMS reporting.

If you need to record a student's name and/or identified gender change for PIMS reporting, do so on the Registration Information page. Refer to Changing a Student's Registration Name and/or Gender for details.

You may wish to clear these fields if you used them to keep track of the student's legal/birth information until the legal change completed. To do so, follow the procedure Clear Legal/Birth Information panel fields.

Clear Legal/Birth Information Pane Fields

Follow these steps to remove data from the legal/birth information fields for a student:

  1. Select the menu path: Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Personal.
  2. If the Student Search page displays, search for the appropriate student, then click the student's name link.
  3. On the Personal page's Legal/Birth Information panel, click Additional options, and then select Clear Legal/Birth Fields to clear all the fields in the panel.
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