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Indian Education Flag

Must be Y for Yes, N for No. Y means a student was in a program at some time during the year. As test records are returned to ODE from testing vendors, If this field on the test record is "Y". it will be retained on the test record, If the SSID record value "Y", then "Y" will placed on the test record. Districts can change the test record field in the Student Staging System.

Signifies student participation in a program designed to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indians.

Title I

Must be a Y for Yes, N for No. Signifies a student is being served by a targeted assistance program and not the complete student population in Title 1 designated schools.

Tuition Type Code

Signifies the tuition type code the student is enrolled in during the reporting period. Must be from the following code table. Values S and P apply to school districts standard ADM students and F applies to State funded programs that are not part of the standard formula distribution such as corrections programs and special schools where students are placed.

Pregnant and Parenting

Signifies a student who is a parent at some point during the current reporting period and had been receiving services. This includes a parent who is female or male, single, married, divorced, or separated

Instructional Hrs

Signifies the number of hours of instruction received by a student during the reporting period with one implied decimal point. This applies to Program type codes 04 – 12.

Home Schooling Flag, Transition Program, Alternative Education Program, and Distance Learning Flag

Click the hyperlink if student is participating in any of these programs.

College Coursework-No Credits

This is a college program in which the students are enrolled and have not provided the school district with the student's attendance data prior to the end of the reporting period. You can use this program to capture student enrollment for fall and spring memberships in OR Student Download and Submission Files for the following reporting periods:

  • Cumulative ADM first Period
  • Cumulative ADM second Period
  • Cumulative ADM third Period

The student should be reported with zero days present/days absent and zero hours of instruction with their actual start date and end date for the collection period. TheADM EndDt Code, ADMDiplomaTypeCode,ADmWithFactorCode should be reported as 00.

For this program, an Enrollment Program Type Code of 13 is reported.

Graduates-non attending

This program is used in any reporting period in which the student was awarded a regular high school diploma. For this program, allow only Diploma Type 1 – Regular High School Diploma and any of the following ADM End Date Codes: 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 4A, 4C, 4E, 4F, 5C, or 6A. The student should have zero days present/days absent or zero hours of instruction.

For this program, an Enrollment Program Type Code of 14 is reported. These students are included in the three Cumulative ADM Period submissions but not in the Annual ADM reporting period.

Amer-Indian Trbl Mmbrshp Code

Enter the code to indicate that a student has membership in any Federally recognized tribe.

Amer-Indian Trbl Enrlmnt Nmbr

Enter the code to identify the student's Native American tribal membership.

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