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Medical Setup

Validation Tables

Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables > select Medical Records


eSchoolPlus Page Used On

Alternate Doses

Medical > All > Student > Immunizations


Medical > All > Student > Immunizations


Medical > All > Student > Immunizations

Immunization Criteria 

Administration > Medical Setup > Setup > Immunization Criteria
Follow this checklist to verify you have the appropriate Immunization Criteria records:

  1. You should have a separate Criteria record for each grade level from Kindergarten through 12th grade. You may have a record both for AM and PM Kindergarten. The Description for each record should include After 1999.
  2. Verify that the Hepatitis A Immunization Series is added for the correct grade levels based on the Phase-In schedule provided by Oregon Department of Health. Refer to the Primary Review Table document on the page Information for Schools, Child Care Facilities and Colleges. See the Example Immunization Criteria Setup for Phased-In Hepatitis A for an illustration.
  3. For grades 7 through 12, verify the After 1999 Criteria records have four Series Criteria rows saved for the Tdap Immunization Series. See the Example Immunization Criteria Setup for Tdap-Containing Vaccines for an illustration.
  4. For any grade level that could include a student over the age of 18, you need to add a separate Immunization Criteria record. Follow the procedure in the section Adding Immunization Criteria for a Grade with Students Over 18 Years of Age.
  5. For each Pre-School or Unclassified grade level in your district, you need a separate Immunization Criteria record. If an unclassified secondary grade level could include students over age 18, it needs a second record as described in Step 4. At minimum, make sure the following Immunization Series are set up in the Series Criteria panel for these Pre-School and Unclassified grade records:
    • DTaP/DPT/DT Polio
    • Varicella Measles
    • Mumps Rubella
    • MMR Hepatitis B

This is true unless you are adding a record to cover an Over 18 grade, in which case you do not include Polio in the Series Criteria.

Example Immunization Criteria Setup with Phased-In Hepatitis A

Each year, verify you added Hepatitis A to the Immunization Criteria for the correct grade levels according to the Oregon Department of Health schedule. For example, beginning in 2014-2015, the Sixth Grade After 1999 record should look like this:

Example Immunization Criteria for Grades 7 – 12 with Tdap-Containing Vaccinations

Verify that the After 1999 Immunization Criteria record for grades 7 through 12 includes the following Series Criteria rows covering Tdap-containing vaccinations.

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