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Adding Immunization Criteria for a Grade with Students Over 18 Years of Age

If a grade level could have students over 18 years of age, it needs an extra set of Immunization Criteria. Follow these steps to create the new record.

  1. Select Administration > Medical Setup > Setup > Immunization Criteria.
  2. On the list page, click the Description link for the Immunization Criteria you want to copy. Choose the After 1999 record for the appropriate grade level.
  3. Click the Copy records icon at the top right of the page.
  4. Identify the new record with a Criteria Number.
  5. Make sure the new record's Description notes the grade level, After 1999, and Over 18. For example, if the record is for 12th grade, make the description 12th Grade After 1999 Over 18.
  6. On the Filter By panel, select the Include checkbox for Age. Enter a Minimum Value of 18 and Maximum Value of 99.
  7. On the Series Criteria panel, select the delete checkbox (in the trashcan icon column) for the Polio series.
  8. Click the Save.
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