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Entering Discipline Incidents for Oregon State Reporting

For Discipline Incidents in Oregon, you need to make sure that if a student is place under arrest that you enter the data on the Incident page properly, on the Actions page properly and you may also need to enter data on an Oregon-specific Discipline Offender Action district-defined page, OR Discipline.

Do not enter Truancies as separate discipline incidents. This is handled using Attendance Views.

Discipline Incident: Offender Detail Page

Interventions > All > Student > Behavior Incidents > select a student > click the Offender link

Make sure that if a student has been arrested that you select the Police Action of ARRE to indicate Arrested on the page's Notified panel.

Discipline Incident: Offender Action Maintenance

Interventions > All > Office > Incident Detail, click View Detail icon on offender's header
Interventions > All > Student > Behavior Incidents > select a student > click the Offender link

Expand the action on the Actions panel.

If an offender's Actual action Duration differs from the Scheduled Duration, you must select the appropriate reason in the Reason for Difference field.

The Scheduled Start and End Dates will be used when reporting Discipline Actions to the State.

OR Discipline Page—District-Defined Page for Offender Actions

After you have entered an Action for a student's Discipline Incident and saved it, you will be able to access the OR Discipline section on the Actions panel at the bottom of each action's detail section. The OR Discipline section displays the Interim Services Flag. This flag is used to indicate that a student received educational services from the District during discipline days.

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