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October 2022 Minor Maintenance Release - II

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_22.9.2.0



Release Note

ESP-79245EMIS Gifted - Old Layout

Updated the Registration user-defined page (603) with security OH-MAINT-GIFTED and description OH Gifted - Old Layout so that the EMIS Gifted fields are available in the Area drop-down for Advanced Search.

It is recommended to use the EMIS Gifted page for data entry and improved user experience. For functionalities such as Search and Mass Update, EMIS Gifted - Old Layout must be selected in the Area drop-down to use or update the Gifted fields.

ESP-79391Student/Course Download

Updated the Student Attribute No Date (FN) download processing to populate data for the OGT Graduation Alternative field when run for the school year 2022 or earlier.

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