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March 2024 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.3.0.0



Release Note

ESP-93030EMIS District

Implemented addition of 'RD Test Area Code' & 'DS Test Area Code' fields to EMIS District Defined page for Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener (DS) & Reading Diagnostics (RD).

ESP-92250AIR/AASCD Pre-ID File

In the Air/AASCD Pre-ID file, updated the 'Gifted' flag to be marked as 'Y' if any 'Identification' fields on the EMIS Gifted page are selected, rather than the 'Served' fields.

ESP-92125OH SQL Script Error

Installation issues due to missing tables and missing records on the SMS user screen have been fixed.

ESP-91649Test Score Import Definition

Created Test Score Import Definition for the new Reading Diagnostics assessment.

ESP-87803Assessment Downloads and EMIS Submission File

Implemented changes to the Download and Extract functionality by adding two new Assessment Types: Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener (DS) and Reading Diagnostics (RD).

  • Added two new options for RD & DS: Reading Diagnostics (ASSESSMENT_RD) and Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener (ASSESSMENT_DS) to the Assessment Types section on the Assessment Downloads page.
  • Added the RD - Reading Diagnostics and DS - Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener options to the Assessment Types on the prompts for the Run EMIS Submission File Extract page.
  • Updated the Search and Summary pages.
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