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June 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.51.0
  • ESP_21.4.28.0



Release Note

ESP-75209Student/Course Downloads

Updated the Student Course download processing to retrieve the relevant OH616 program records correctly.

ESP-74731Student/Course Downloads
  • Renamed the District Glucagon Information page to District Medication Administration.
  • Added Type column to the District Medication Administration page to distinguish between the records of Glucagon Doses, Inhalers, and Epinephrine Injectors.
  • Updated the Organization General (DN) download to create Inhaler Procurement (INHLRPRCMT), Inhaler Usage (INHLRUSAGE), Epinephrine Procurement (EPNPHPRCMT), and Epinephrine Usage (EPNPHUSAGE) records based on the Type chosen on the District Medication Administration page.
ESP-74695Assessment Downloads - NEW

Updated the clear existing record processing for the Assessment Downloads - NEW page. When selecting the third option (Delete all for submission and year), the download will delete all records for the submission and year rather than only for the assessment types selected.

ESP-72371Assessment Downloads - NEW

The Preschool COS Assessment (ASSESSMENT_GM) has been rewritten and is now available on the Assessment Downloads - NEW page.

The assessment will retrieve any Preschool student with an OHIO_ECO or OHIO-ECO test that is in the prompt date range and has the School Year field set to the current school year or is left blank.

An error message will be logged for any Preschool student with a disability and no accompanying ECO test. An Error message will be logged for any test containing an invalid Reason Test Not Taken value. Any test with a Reason Test Not Taken value will report the score as ***.

ESP-74664Validation Tables

Updated the OH 2023 Validation Code requirements in these validation tables: Test Waiver Reasons, CTAE Technical Assessment Test, Course Code, CTE Programs of Concentration, Credit Area, CORE Area, Valid Advanced Placement Exams, and Valid International Baccalaureate Exams.

ESP-67467EMIS Submission Files and Assessment Downloads

Removed FP record type from EMIS Submission Files and Assessment Downloads pages. Also, removed the Special Assessments area from the EMIS Submission Files page.

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