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July 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.53.0
  • ESP_21.4.30.0



Release Note

ESP-75838Assessment Downloads - NEW

For the End of Course Exams (ASSESSMENT_GE) download, the student grade is updated to retrieve the student’s grade from the test. If the grade is not present, the processing will analyze the closest grade before the test and then analyze the closest grade after the test if required.

ESP-75837Assessment Downloads - NEW

Accommodations will only be pulled if the Accommodation field one subtest (score with State Code Equiv value ACCOM) is Y.

  • When Accommodations is Null or N or blank, then ACCOM value will be NO.
  • When Accommodations is Y and LEP=Y, then ACCOM value will be Y3.
  • When Accommodations is Y and IEP=Y, then ACCOM value will be Y2.
  • When Accommodations is Y and 504=Y, then ACCOM value will be Y1.
  • When Accommodations is not applicable, then ACCOM value will be NO.
ESP-75579Assessment Downloads - NEW

Updated the SQL timeout details to complete the Ohio State Tests (AIR) (ASSESSMENT_GN) download without errors.

ESP-75656Student/Course Downloads and EMIS Submission Files

Added the Extended School Year Services validation table and populated it with codes.

Added the Extended School Year Services field to the EMIS Special Ed user-defined page. The Student Special Ed record has been updated to process Extended School Year Services in the GE Download and Extract.

ESP-75405Validation Tables

Updated Course Code, Program, and Credit Area validation tables to match the updated state requirements.

ESP-73091Graduation Requirements

Added the State Issued License field to the Career Focused Activities section of the Show Competencies panel. This field is only displayed if the student's graduation year is 2023 or later. State Issued License is counted as a Foundational requirement.

ESP-72969Graduation Requirements

Added the SAT or ACT Proficiency section to the Show Competency panel.

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