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January 2024 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.1.0.0



Release Note

ESP-90622ACT Pre-ID File
  • Added two new fillers with data lengths 7 and 10.
  • Corrected the field length for the Student Code and State Student ID fields.
  • Removed additional space from the text file.

Updated the Address History on the Addresses panel to open seamlessly within the Contacts page.

ESP-91135EMIS Programs Data Generation

Enhanced the filter grid to correctly display student names containing apostrophes.

ESP-90417EMIS Student Acceleration

Removed the Taking Acc Assessment checkboxes from the EMIS Student Acceleration page and moved them to the EMIS Archived Student Data page along with any data. These were no longer being actively used for State Reporting Purposes.

ESP-90662Student/Course Download

Updated the download processing for the Student Contact Address Record (FG) to verify and generate an error if Address Line 1 is blank.

ESP-91112Test Score Import Definition

Resolved issue in WEBX and WEBSN import definitions where students with a TSCORE value of 100 had scores loaded as 10 due to incorrect field length (2 instead of 3) for the TSCORE field.

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