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January 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.1.0.0



Release Note

ESP-81723Assessment Downloads

Resolved the timeout error for the GN Assessment Download.

ESP-81625Student/Course Downloads

Resolved the file extract error when the middle name field was NULL for the Exiting Student Follow-Up (FW) download and extract.

ESP-81430EMIS Exiting Student Follow-Up and Student/Course Downloads

The CTE Program of Concentration on the FW Download now retrieves state code equivalent value from a new validated field on the EMIS Exiting Student Follow-Up page instead of the EMIS Student Attribute - No Date page.

ESP-81414Student/Course Downloads

Updated the Students' Admission Reason field in the FS record to retrieve the state code equivalent value of their regular school year entry code and not from the summer school.

ESP-81193OH Graduation Requirements

Replaced the checkboxes for the Work-Based Learning Program Code and Pre-Apprenticeship Program Code with labels that are based on EMIS Programs.

  • Work-Based Learning = Program Codes 310499 or 310500
  • Pre-Apprenticeship = Program Code 305014
ESP-81192OH Graduation Requirements

Under the Show Competency section, updated the Algebra 1 and English 2 value to indicate which test the student did not pass if any.

ESP-81181AIR/AASCD Pre-ID File
  • Updated the following fields as blank fillers:
    • Accelerated Social Studies Grade (Field #220) - replaced with blank filler.
    • Test Eligibility & Mode: Physical Science (Field #235) - replaced with blank filler.
  • Removed the following fields:
    • OGT Reading
    • OGT Mathematics
    • OGT Writing
    • OGT Science
    • OGT Social Studies
  • Added the following field (replaces the removed OGT fields) to the Ohio TIDE Accommodations
    • Test Eligibility: Alternate OELPA
ESP-80913Generate Programs

Resolved the unexpected error when running the Generate Programs process for Ohio programs.

ESP-80838OH Graduation Requirements

Updated the minimum points required for each subject to 0 for students graduating in 2023 and beyond.

ESP-80392EMIS District / EMIS District - ARCHIVE

Removed or archived obsolete fields from the EMIS District and EMIS Building Setup pages. Archived fields from EMIS District have been moved to the EMIS District - ARCHIVE screen.

ESP-79896EMIS Gifted, EMIS Programs, and HB410 Entry

Updated security for the OH regulatory student pages.

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