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Graduate (G) Submission Checklist

The following procedure provides an overview to complete the Graduate submission. This submission includes diploma, credits, and limited testing information for graduates. It also includes students who graduated during the school year and students who graduated in the summer. The EMIS Graduate Submission opens at the end of May and ends in Mid-November.

For detailed information about an option, refer to the appropriate section of this documentation.




Verify the credit values in Core Area validation table (Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables). The data in this table is pre-loaded by PowerSchool.


For all courses (current year, prior year, and transfer) for which students graduating in 2009 and beyond have earned credits toward graduation, verify that the CORE area field on the EMIS Course page (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > EMIS Course) is entered.


For graduate students, confirm that earned credits are up to date. If necessary, run Course Credit Calculation (Mark Reporting > Utilities > Calculations > Course Credit Calculation). 


For graduate students, confirm that the Diploma Type and Graduation Date are entered on the Personal page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Personal).


If you want to exclude a student from the submission even though the student received a diploma, check the Exclude from EMIS box on the EMIS Student Standing page (Registration > Entry and Reports > Student District Defined > EMIS Student Standing).


If your district had students who were never enrolled in your district take the Graduate Proficiency Test, enter information for the students on the Graduation-Only Test Record (Administration > General Setup > District > District Defined > Graduation-Only Test Record (GP)).


Run the Student/Course Downloads (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads > Student/Course Downloads). Click Select All to select all the appropriate records for the Graduate submission. You may also select individual records.


Scan download records for missing data and invalid values by running the EMIS Error Scan (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads > EMIS Error Scan). You can select to create output as a CSV or PDF file.

 Review the EMIS Error Scan Log file created. Note that the CSV/PDF file will have the date included in the file name.


Use the Student Download Summary (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads Search > Student Download Summary) and OH EMIS Downloads Search (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > OH EMIS Downloads Search) to spot check student data and make corrections to data.

We recommend that you correct the source data, not the download records.


Make corrections to student data and repeat steps as needed.


After all download information is ready, run EMIS Submission Files (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Submission File).


Move files from the eSchoolPlus server to your PC. Right-click on a file and select Save Target As. In the Save As window, select the directory where you want to move the file.

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