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EMIS Error Scan

This option will scan the download records to check for fatal errors and warnings for other errors in records. You can select the type of output, PDF or CSV, to use to list errors.

Caution: When you select to scan Student Demographics (GI), the error scan checks to make sure the student has corresponding records for the Student Standing (FS), Student Attribute – Date (FD), and Student Attribute – No Date (FN). Do not run the error scan on Student Demographics data until you have created download records for these records types.

To run EMIS Error Scan

  1. Select Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads > EMIS Error Scan.
  2. On the Run EMIS Error Scan page, specify how you want to process the option. Refer to the Field Descriptions section for more information.
  3. Select the records to process.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Check the log file for errors. The date and time will be included in the file name for the CSV or PDF file.

School YearEnter the last year of the school year you want to process.
Download PeriodSelect the submission you want to process. 
File TypeSelect whether the errors should be listed in a PDF or CSV file.
Include WarningsChecked if you want to list errors that would be considered warnings. If you run the error scan with this box unchecked, only fatal errors, such as missing data, will be reported.
Task Name If you want to rename the task and report file, change the text that displays in this field. If you use the / (slash) character, _ (underscore) will be used in the task and report name.
Files to Scan

Series of checkboxes to select the records you want to process. Most of the options are EMIS records. Refer to the EMIS Records by Submission for a list of the records reported for a submission.

To scan downloads for all of the submission's records, click Select All.

To select individual records to scan, click Deselect All and then click the box for the desired records.

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