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EMIS Building

Menu path: Select Administration from the main menu, select Registration Setup submenu, select Building District Defined, and then select EMIS Building.

The fields in this table are used to set values to be used for validation rules and to exclude a building from being reported. 

Meal StatusCode to set for students who have an invalid value based on validation rules.
District RelationshipCode to set for students who have an invalid value based on validation rules.
Exclude From State ReportsChecked if you do not want to include this building in state reporting.
Enable HQT in TACChecked if wish to enable teacher entry of Highly Qualified Teacher status through Teacher Access Center.
CEP Building

Checked if the building is a Community Eligibility Provision building, meaning the EMIS Student/Course Downloads option applies additional logic when determining the Student Attributes - Effective Date file's Disadvantagement setting for all enrolled students.

If checked, this box tells the download to report all the building's students as Economically Disadvantaged in addition to each student's disadvantagement settings from the Personal page.

For complete information on how the download reports disadvantagement and uses CEP processing, refer to the section Processing Disadvantagement.

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