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Career Technical Follow Up

This option will generate reports required for surveying students for whom your district needs to report records for the March (D) submission. You can print a survey form based on the ODE form and you can create a CSV file listing students with phone information. The CSV file includes the student's ID, name, phone numbers for selected phone types, mailing address, and information for up to five local classroom codes where the student could be a CTE concentrator.

Data from the ODE extract must be uploaded to eSchoolPlus prior to running this report. The reports will include students who have a CTE Follow Up Survey record for the fiscal year where no date is entered for the Survey Completed field.

To run Career Technical Follow Up reports

  1. Select Regulatory > Reports > Career Technical Follow Up.
  2. On the Career Technical Follow Up Survey page, specify how you want to process the option. Refer to the Field Descriptions section for more information.
  3. Click Run to generate the selected files.
  4. To locate the file, click Tasks/Reports on the Navigation bar. The file will be listed on the Tasks and Reports page's Reports panel. Save it to your local machine. The file names are listed below.
    • Survey forms with log file – Career Technical Follow Up Sheets
    • Student listing with phone numbers - CareerTechFollowUpListing.csv

Generate Follow Up Sheets (Report)Checked if you want to create survey forms that you can mail to students.
Generate Follow Up Listing (Data)Checked if you want to create a CSV of student information including phone numbers.
Log StatisticsChecked if you want to include the report statistics if you choose to generate the follow up sheets.
Phone Types

Select the types of phone numbers you want to include in the CSV file. Phone numbers are selected from the student's phone information. For each type of phone number, specify the order that the phone number should be listed in the CSV file. 

Phone numbers do not print on the follow up sheets.

Sample Report Page 1

Sample Report Page 2

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