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August 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.8.0.0



Release Note

ESP-88364Student/Course Downloads

Updated the download processing to treat any Extended Year/Summer School semesters as OT-Other, and the defined values from DOE only include S1 and S2.

ESP-88299PARCC Pre-ID File, PARCC Accommodations - General Admin/Access, PARCC Accommodations IEP or 504 Plan, and PARCC Accommodations English Learners (EL)

Updated unused data elements and pages:

  • Removed the PARCC Pre-ID File page.
  • Renamed the following PARCC user-defined pages to include “Archive” at the end of the page name.
    • PARCC Accommodations - General Admin/Access Archive
    • PARCC Accommodations IEP or 504 Plan Archive
    • PARCC Accommodations English Learners (EL) Archive
ESP-87798Program Setup - OH616 EMIS Student Standing

Added a default to the District of Residency program if a default is not there. The default will be the district from reg_district where validation_only is “N”.

ESP-87797Program Setup

Updated processing to set a standard field order and data size for the OH616 and OH617 programs, and modified field labels with correct casing.

ESP-87624Student/Course Downloads

Updated Student Course Grade Download (FR) processing so that courses in buildings that do not have a calendar setup will not be processed and will log an error.

ESP-87330Assessment Downloads

When run in 2023-2024, the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA) - GF assessment, reports scores from tests taken between the prompted end date and the Fiscal Year Start Date from the EMIS Configuration page for 2022-2023.

ESP-87329Validation Table

Updated the following validation tables for the 2023-2024 specifications:

  • Test Waiver
  • OH Program
  • Withdrawal Codes
  • Apprenticeship Type
  • Sent Reason
ESP-87328Student/Course Downloads

Updated processing for the Grade Schedule (DL) download by adding a warning message if the Hours Per Day is outside the range of 2.50 and 9.99. The record will be created for values up to 9.99.

ESP-87327District All Day Kindergarten Information

All Day Kindergarten Information has been added as a new District DD page. The list page contains fields for Fiscal Year, Eligible for Free Lunch, Eligible for Reduced Lunch, Max Amount Charged - Fee, and Max Amount Charges - Tuition. All fields are integers and will be reported directly in the Organization General (DN) download (if there is a value present) during all of the S download periods, as STUKGLFREE, STUKGLRCED, STUKGNFEES, STUKGTUITN, for the associated Fiscal Year).

ESP-87322Student/Course Downloads

Added the Updated Exit Status field to the Student Standing (FS) download type. This field will always be populated with ** from the download. You can modify the student download summary page for any changes/updates to that value.

ESP-86275Geo Code Plan Areas Error Scan

Added a new feature only for Ohio customers:

  • When running the Geo Code Plan Areas Error Scan, students with the District of Residence Override set to Y will not have their District of Residence changed or reported as in error.

Added a new feature only for Ohio customers:

  • Added the District of Residence Override field on the Registration page.
  • When adding a student or changing their address, and the new District of Residence Override field is selected, the District of Residence field will not be affected by Geo Code.
ESP-86011Assessment Downloads

Updated processing to only delete records for the selected Assessment Types when running an assessment download with the “Delete all existing records for this year and reporting period” option selected.

ESP-85025EMIS Student Acceleration
  • Added the Acceleration - All Subjects and Total Grades Acc All Subjects fields to the Student Acceleration user-defined page and program.
  • Reading and Writing subject areas are reported as a single record with a subject code of R, with the accelerated status of Y taking priority. For example, if a student is accelerated in Reading, but not Writing, a record with subject code R should be reported, with an accelerated status value of Y.
  • Acceleration in All Subjects overrides all other subjects, and results in only one record reported for the student, with a subject code of A.  “All Subjects" should only override the individual subjects if the accelerated status for All Subjects is Y.
  • Position 36 in the extract file will be filler (blank).
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