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Assessments (A) Submission Checklist

The following procedure provides an overview to complete the Assessments submission. This submission captures data for student assessments. For detailed information about an option, refer to the appropriate section of this documentation.




Verify that Test Definitions are set up for all applicable assessments (Administration > Test Scores Setup > Setup > Test Definition).


Import test scores using the Test Score Import (Test Scores > All > Utilities > Import Scores from File). Verify all appropriate assessment scores have been uploaded.


Verify the Pre-ID Setup (Regulatory > Setup > EMIS Setup > Pre-ID Configuration) is correct before generating the Pre-ID files (Regulatory > Reports > Pre-ID Files > Create Pre-ID File) This process is used to determine alternate assessments.


Run the KRA Report tool (Regulatory > Reports > Pre-Id Files > KRA Report) to generate pre-ID files for kindergarten students.


Run the Assessments Download (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads > Assessments Downloads). Select all the appropriate tests for the Assessments submission.


Use the Student Download Summary (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads Search > Student Download Summary) to spot check Assessment data in the FA record for students, and make corrections to data.

We recommend that you correct the source data, not the download records.


Make corrections to student and assessment data and repeat steps as needed.


After all download information is ready, run EMIS Submission Files (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Submission File). Click Select All to select all the appropriate records for the SCR submission.


Move files from the eSchoolPlus server to your PC. Right-click on a file and select Save Target As. In the Save As window, select the directory where you want to move the file.

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