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NY Staff Student Course Linking Report Release – 02_24_2016

General Purpose: 

Provide users a report that will allow users to see secondary teachers and the students assigned to their classes.

Menu Path: 

State Center > New York > Reports > Staff Student Linking Report

School Year: Required field. The report will generate a report for all Staff Student Linking records for the indicated school fields, active or inactive.
Building List: A comma-delimited list of buildings used to select which building to report. If the "All" option is selected, then all buildings will be reported.
Staff ID: An optional field, comma-delimited list of staff id to include on the report, if the field is left blank, then all staff with Staff Student Linking records will be reported.
When run, the program will generate a CSV file that can be opened in excel to allow to sort and manipulate the data.

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