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NY Course Information

Menu path: From the Scheduling menu, choose Courses, choose Course Sections, and then select NY Course Information.



Regents Factored Into Grade

Checked if the result of the Regents Exam is factored into the course grade for this section.

Override State Course Number

Typically, the State Course number is stored at the Course Catalog level (see the Course Catalog section for more information). If for some reason your District needs to have a different value for the State Course on each section of a course, enter the override value here.

Override Total Course Minutes

Total minutes of instructional time for the course-section used as an override for Course Duration thru Assessment Date (field 18) in the Staff Student Course collection. If no override is needed and you would rather submit the system-calculated value, leave this field blank.

Override Local Course Number

If needed, enter a local course code override of the course number assigned to the Master Schedule course-section. This override is used for the following collections generated through the Teacher Course Download and Extract options:

  • Course file; Course Code Long (field 27)
  • Student Class Grade Detail file; Course Code (field 3)
  • Staff Student Course file; Course Code (field 8)

Dual Credit

Checked if the course is used to earn both postsecondary and high school credit. This is referenced for the Student Class Entry/Exit file, Dual/Concurrent Credit Indicator (field 26).

Dual Credit Code

If this is a dual credit course, select the setting where the course is taken. This value is used for the Student Class Grade Detail file's Dual/Concurrent Credit Code field (field 25).

Primary Instruction Lang Code

Primary language used for providing course instruction. If this is a Bilingual course, report the language used other than English. This is part of the Course Instructor Assignment file (field 18).

If the Teacher Course Download does not find a value for the course-section, it reports ENG for English.

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