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Day Calendar

This section of the documentatiton covers prerequisites and processing related to reporting Student Credit GPA records through eSchoolPlus. We differentiate setup prerequisites you verify the first time you report Day Calendar records and those you will follow periodically to keep your calendar information up to date. The procedural section describes the options and prompt selections you use to create download table records, review and correct data, re-run the download, and produce your final extract file.

Important: Make sure Student Lite and School Entry/Exit data is up to date in SIRS before you submit for any other template.

Day Calendar Procedural Checklist



Initial Implementation Prerequisites



In the Day Types Registration validation table, associate State Code Equivs with Day Type codes you will be reporting for dates in building calendars. (Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables > select Registration > Day Types)


Verify you have building calendars set up for each unique set of dates you need to apply to students. (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar)

If a group of students in a building has a slightly different membership-day setup from the standard calendar, those students need a separate calendar defined and assigned to them.


Associate Calendar codes with the appropriate grade levels in the building-level NY Calendar Setup district-defined page. (Administration > Registration Setup > Building District Defined > NY Calendar Setup)


For any building calendar days you need to report with a special classification in the Day Calendar submission, assign a Day Type on the Calendar Day Detail page. (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar > click appropriate Calendar link > Month View button > click link for appropriate calendar date)

Periodic Procedures



Throughout a school year, when you need to categorize a date for reporting in the Day Calendar file, update the Day Type for that date on the Calendar Day Detail page (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar > click appropriate Calendar link > Month View button > click link for appropriate date).

Submission Procedures



Run the Day Calendar Download for the Day Calendar collection (Regulatory > Downloads > Downloads > NY Day Calendar Download).


Review the error log that appears on your homepage (NY Day Calendar Download Error Log) and fix data as necessary.


Re-run the Day Calendar Download using the same prompts as in Step 5 as many times as you need to make sure that all errors are resolved.


Run the Day Calendar Extract for the Day Calendar collection (Regulatory > Extracts > Extracts > NY Day Calendar Extract).


The NY Day Calendar file is created in your report directory. Right-click on the file and save it to your PC. The file name will include the School Year and the Date/Time you ran the file before the csv extension.


Upload the file to the SIRS Level 0 data validation application.

Day Calendar Download and Extract Prompts

Following are descriptions for the prompts you use to run the Day Calendar download:


Value for Day Calendar File

School Year

The school year you are running the download for (will default to the current school year).


Select All or Selected to run the download for one or more buildings.


To delete all existing records for a collection in the selected School Year and update the download table based on Filter criteria, check the collection's boxes for Populate Table and Clear All. Note that Clear All does not affect records with overrides in the download table.

To insert records not previously downloaded based on Filter criteria, check the Populate Table box and uncheck the Clear All box.

To update records already in the download table with the most recent data from eSchoolPlus, check the Update Existing box. Make sure Clear All is unchecked.

To run the Day Calendar Extract option, use these prompts:


Value for Day Calendar File

School Year

The school year you are running the extract for (will default to the current school year).

Location Code Length (Zero Pad)

Select the length you need the extract to use when zero-padding the Location Code field in the submission file. Your selection is based first on knowing the length of your local Building codes and comparing this to the Location Code length of 6 in the actual file layout.

For example, if you use three-digit codes for buildings and you want to left-pad Location Codes with three zeroes, you would select 6 in this field, letting the extract know wherever it finds a Location Code with fewer than six digits, it needs to add zeroes until it reaches that six-digit length.

If you leave this field blank or select a number that is less than the number of digits in your building numbers, the extract will populate the Location Code exactly as it appears in eSchoolPlus.

Column Headers

Checked to have the CSV output file include a header row identifying each column.

Extract Option

Check Day Calendar field.

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