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Understanding PARCC Pre-ID Test Code Assignment

When assigning Test Codes to student records, the PARCC Pre-ID Download typically works as follows:

  1. It uses the Test Code associated with a specific State Course Code from the student's scheduled courses. Test Codes are tied to State Course Codes in the district-level NJ PARCC Course Test Codes setup.
  2. If a student's course is tied to a Test Code but the student is also set up for a testing Exclusion Code, the student gets the Exclusion Code instead.
  3. The download ignores the student's scheduled courses for a School Year if the student has a record for that year on the NJ PARCC Test Selection Override page.

The download handles a few more complex scenarios as well. 

Student with a Grade Level that Does Not Match the PARCC Test Code Grade

For the English Language Assessment, PARCC has a Test Code for each grade level from Grade 3 through Grade 11. For Math, there is a Test Code for Grade 3 through Grade 8. If the PARCC Pre-ID download finds a student's course tied to a PARCC Test Code that does not match the student's actual grade level, it assigns the ELA or Math test matching the student's grade instead.

For example, if a 3rd grade student takes a math course tied to the MAT04 Test Code, the download assigns the student the MAT03 Test Code instead. 

Student Scheduled in Two Math Courses 

The PARCC Pre-ID download uses the following rules to assign a math Test Code when it finds a student scheduled in two math courses associated with PARCC tests:

  • A middle school student taking Algebra I or Geometry will take the ALG01 or GEO01 test, not the math assessment for the student's grade level (MAT07 or MAT08).
  • A student scheduled in Algebra I and Geometry will take the ALG01 test.
  • A student scheduled in Algebra II and Geometry will take the ALG02 test.


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