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PARCC Pre-ID Download Extract Field Descriptions

State Center > New Jersey > NJ PARCC Pre-ID

Following are descriptions for the prompts on the PARCC Pre-ID page. Use this page to run the PARCC Pre-ID download and create the final extract file for submission.


Field Description

Fiscal Year

School year that applies for the PARCC Pre-ID records you are creating.

Reporting Date

Date the download uses to determine the students to include. For PARCC tests assigned through State Course codes, records are created for students active in the course as of this date. For tests assigned based on Registration grade level, records are created for students with active Entry/Withdrawal information as of this date.

Default Test Format

Default Test Format value to use for cases where the value is missing. Refer to the PARCC Pre-ID file layout/mapping for information on how the download populates Test Format.


Checked to run the download and create PARCC Pre-ID records in the table NJ_PARCC_DOWN. You can review downloaded records in NJ Student Summary.


Checked to create the final extract file from data in the download table.

Update Existing Records

Checked to have the download update existing download table records with the latest eSchoolPlus data. If you leave the box un-checked, the download adds records not already in the download table.

Log File Type

Select PDF or CSV. If you want to be able to open the error/warning logfile in a spreadsheet program, select CSV.

Filter criteria

Use student Demographic tables to further limit the records you process, if needed.

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