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MOSIS CTE Graduate Followup

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > MOSIS CTE/Graduate Followup

Many of the fields on this screen are program tracked.  To update a student's information for these fields, click on the hyperlink to enter a start date and a value. 



Submission File(s)

High School Career Ed

Select the appropriate Career Education code for the student, or leave the field blank if the MOSIS Download should calculate the value based on a high school student's Career Ed credits.
For information on the calculation, refer to MOSIS Download and Career Ed Calculation.

Student Core

Primary CTE Program

Select the primary CTE program that the student is participating in.

Student Core, Student Graduate

Primary CIP Code

Select the primary CIP Code of the CTE program that the student is participating in.

Student Graduate

CTE Attending School

Select the CTE school that the student attends.

Student Graduate

Career Education Cluster

Select the appropriate Career Education cluster.

Student Core

CTE Technical Skill Attainment

Select the code that describes the student's technical skill attainment.

Student Core

Perkins Concentrator

Checked if the student is a Karl Perkins concentrator.

Student Graduate

Nontraditional Student

Indicates if the student is considered a non-traditional student.

Student Core, Student Graduate

Single Parent

Indicates if the student is a single parent.

Student Core, Student Graduate

Displaced Homemaker

Indicates if the student is a displaced homemaker.

Student Core, Student Graduate

Other Barriers

Indicates if the student faces other barriers to education.

Student Graduate

CTE Placement Relation

Select whether the student's post-graduation plans are related to his/her CTE path.

Student Graduate

Placement Zip Code

Enter the zip code where the student has been placed.

Student Graduate

Graduate Follow-up Status

If the student has completed his/her Career Education, select the appropriate follow-up code.  The data in this field can also be maintained on the Academic screen in the Actual Graduation Plans field.

Student Graduate

SPED FollowUp Definition Met

Checked if the student met his/her Special Education Follow-up definition.  This field can also be updated from the MOSIS Demographics Followup screen.

Student Graduate

NSC Discrepancies

Comment indicating why the student was not found or does not match follow-up status in the National Student Clearing House.

Student Graduate

MOSIS Download and Career Ed Calculation

When determining a student's High School Career Ed value in the Student Core collection, the MOSIS Download first checks if there is a value in the High School Career Ed field, CTE/Graduate Followup page.  If this value is blank for a high school student, the download performs a calculation.

The calculation first adds the student's earned credit for courses marked with the Career Education box checked on the MOSIS Course Information page.  It then assigns the High School Career Ed value based on the total credits.  The download assigns values as follows:

Calculated Career Ed Credits

High School Career Ed value assigned

H. S. Career Ed description

Student has no Career Ed credit.


Not H. S. Career Ed.

Student has less than one Career Ed credit.


Career Ed – Less than One Credit

Student has at least one Career Ed credit but less than three.


Career Ed – Participant

Student has more than three Career Ed credits.


Career Ed – Concentrator (Not Participant)

Important: The Download assigns the CNP value because it cannot determine whether the earned credits complete a department-approved Career Ed program area sequence.

To report the student as CHS – Career Ed – Concentrator (Participant), update the High School Career Ed field with this value on the CTE/Graduate Followup page.

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