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Behavior Incidents

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The sections that follow explain how records are created by the MOSIS Discipline download, how Severity Order determines reporting of Offense codes and Weapon codes, and how Discipline Offender Actions get reported in the Student Referrals Collection.

Behavior Incident Entry

The MOSIS Discipline record reports data from eSchoolPlus Behavior Incidents. The download selects incidents where the offender has a disciplinary action that has a State Code Equiv in the Offense Actions table. The download then creates the MOSIS Student Discipline Incident record using any Offense codes from the incident and, if applicable, associated Weapon codes.

The MOSIS Student Discipline Incident record includes only one reportable Offense and Weapon. If a student has more than one reportable Offense code or Weapon code entered for an incident, the download uses the Severity Order setting from the appropriate Discipline validation table to determine which code to report. Following is an example to illustrate how the offense would be selected. Refer to Discipline Setup for details on defining the State Code Equiv and Severity Order.

Sample Incident with Multiple Offenses for the Same Student

For example, a student was involved in an incident where three offense codes have been reported.

  • Bullying (Code 33)
  • Weapons (Code 43)
  • Out of Assigned Area (Code 53)

In the Incident/Offense Codes validation table, the following values have been entered for these codes:



State Code Equiv

Severity Order



O (Other)




W (Weapon)



Out of Assigned Area



Based on this scenario and the validation table setup described, the student's Discipline record would report the Weapon Offense code, 43, because it has the higher priority as 1 is considered has the highest priority for severity order. Code 53 would never be reported in a MOSIS Discipline record because it does not have a State Code Equiv value.

Offender Actions Reported as Student Referrals Collection

The MOSIS Student Referrals collection file includes a field tracking Office Discipline Referrals.  The MO MOSIS Download determines a student's referral count by looking for offender Action codes that are selected in the MOSIS Referral Discipline Reportable Actions district page.  The download counts a referral for each Action applied to a student that is also defined on the district page.  This includes actions for any incident from the MO MOSIS Download page prompted School Year.

Alternative Placement

When a student has been expelled as a result of a discipline incident and is receiving educational services in an alternative setting from the district, update MOSIS Discipline district-defined page for the offender and select the Alternative Placement checkbox. This is reported in the Alternative Placement Indicator field in the MOSIS Student Discipline Incident file.

To update the Alternative Placement checkbox, display the student's Offender Detail information by clicking View Detail for the offender. Then, in the Other Offender Information panel, click Add on the MOSIS Discipline title.

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