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Missouri State Reporting Setup

Missouri State Reporting Validation Tables

There are several Missouri-specific validation tables that are loaded for you.

MO Elementary Setup

Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > MO Elementary Setup

Use this page to enter a state course number that should not be reported because it is an elementary course. For the Student Assignment submission, if the State Course Number from MOSIS Course Information is found in the MO Elementary Setup page's State Course List, then it will be reported as a blank. 

MOSIS Referral Discipline Reportable Actions

Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > MOSIS Referral Discipline Reportable Actions

Use this page to pick the Discipline Action Codes that count as referral actions in the Student Referrals collection.  The MOSIS download finds discipline Actions applied to a student and counts as referrals only the actions with codes set up on this page.  The download counts each occurrence of these codes as a separate referral for the Office Discipline Referrals field.  The referral count covers the whole school year.

MOSIS Building

Administration > Registration Setup > Building District Defined > MOSIS Building



Hours in Session

Enter the number of hours in session for this building.  This information is used in the Student Enrollment and Attendance File.

Transcript Print Value

 Not in use.

Mark Level Table

 Not in use.

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