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MI Building FTE Page

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > MI Building FTE

If you need to report a student to the State in more than one building, you will use this page rather than adding additional Entry/Withdrawal records.

You may update the values on this page manually, from the MI Special Ed page, or you may update multiple student records at one time following the procedure in the Updating the MI Building FTE Screen for Multiple Students that follows the field descriptions.

For information on how default values are handled when one row of FTE information closes and a new one opens, refer to the MI FTE Configuration section.

The Start and Exit Date fields are not submitted to the State, but are used for historical information.

Start DateThe start date for the FTE record.
FTE Building

Select the student's building.

XML Components: Special Education

FTE (General Ed)

Enter the student's General Education FTE value (0.5 = 50%).

XML Components: General Ed FTE

FTE (Section 52)

Enter the student's Section 52 FTE value (0.5 = 50%).

XML Components: Special Education 

FTE (Section 53)

Enter the student's Section 53 FTE value (0.5 = 50%).

XML Components: Special Education 

FTE Exit DateEnter the student's FTE Exit date when the FTE values are no longer valid.

Updating the MI Building FTE Page for Multiple Students

To update the MI Building FTE page for multiple students, use the Generate District-Defined Data utility.

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Select Registration > Utilities > Tools > Generate District-Defined Data.
  3. On the Prompts panel, select the MI Building FTEdistrict-defined page, and then enter the information to be generated.
  4. Select the students for the update using the Filter panel. Enter the desired search criteria and click Load.
  5. To remove students from the Records To Be Updated panel, select their checkboxes in the Delete column.
  6. Click Run at the top right of the page.
  7. After the process runs, review the Generate Student District-Defined Data file to view the update's results.

To locate the report, click Tasks/Reports on the Navigation bar. The log will be listed on the Tasks and Reports page's Reports panel.

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