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Building List

Select the appropriate CIP Code for the course.  We have loaded all CIP Codes into the MD CIP Codes validation table. You should only select codes that are on the school's "List A". 

Enroll As of Date

Date the download uses to determine the students to include. Records are created for students active in the course as of this date.

Default Test Type

Default Test Format value to use for cases where the value is blank on the PARCC Info district-defined page:

  • Online
  • Paper

Test Admin

Select the staff member responsible for administering the test:

  • Primary Homeroom Teacher
  • Course Teacher

Test Location

Select the test location from the drop down menu.

Clear Existing Data

Select one of the options:

  • Do not delete any existing records
  • Delete existing records for this year and reporting period, based on the selected filter criteria
  • Delete existing records for this year and reporting period



End of Year



Check the applicable download options:

  • Registration
  • Personal Needs Profile

Run Options

Check the applicable options for running the report:

  • Run Download
  • Run Extract

Determining PARCC Pre-ID Test Code

The PARCC Pre-ID download uses the PARCC Info district-level district-defined page to see which State Course codes are associated with a PARCC Test Code. The program then finds the Marking Period as of the Reporting Date you chose. It finds courses meeting in the current Marking Period that also have a State Course code mapped to a PARCC test. Your local Course Codes are mapped to State Course codes in the table mr_crsequ_det.

Students who are active in courses meeting the above criteria get PARCC Pre-ID records for the associated Test Codes. To get the student test data, the download looks at the following hierarchy of district-defined pages: 

  1. Master Schedule PARCC Info
  2. Building Course Catalog PARCC Info
  3. District Course Catalog PARCC Info
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