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KRA Report

Regulatory > Reports > Reports > Maryland KRA Report

To run KRA reports:

  1. Select Regulatory > Reports > Reports > Maryland KRA Report.
  2. On the KRA Report page, specify how you want to process the option. At least one of the Data boxes (Student, Enrollment, or Teacher) must be checked before processing. Refer to the Field Descriptions section for more information.
  3. Click Run to generate the selected files.
  4. On Tasks/Reports, the following files may be created. The file names are listed below.
    • Survey forms with log file – KRA Report Log
    • Student data – Student_KRA.csv
    • Enrollment data – Enrollment_KRA.csv



Building List

Select the building(s) to process.

Enroll As Of Date

Select the start date from which you would like to include students in the KRA Report.


Select the student grade.

Course Codes

Select one or more course codes if you wish to run the KRA Report for students in designated courses.

This field is optional. If no course codes are selected, the report will default to use the student's homeroom teacher.

Student Data

Checked if you wish to include student data in the report.

Enrollment Data

Checked if you wish to include enrollment data in the report.

Teacher Data

Checked if you wish to include teacher data in the report.

Run Download

If checked, the download will run.

Run Extract

If checked, the extract will run.

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