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High School Assessment File

State Center > Maryland > Reports > High School Assessment File

This menu option will produce the HSA and Modified HSA pretest files.

The MD Department of Education has provided documentation (document entitled High School Assessment and Modified High School Assessment Specification Manual that defines the information that is typically provided on the MD High School Assessment Status and Modified High School Assessment Report.

The High School Assessments are end-of-course tests in Algebra/Data Analysis, Biology, English, and Government. The file must identify all students who will be tested, the content area tested, the type of test (regular or modified), the test format (paper or electronic), and specific demographic information. Test takers must be completing or have completed coursework in the respective Core Learning Goal course for Algebra, Biology, English, and/or Government.

High School Assessment File Prerequisites

  1. Students who are participating in English Language Learner, Special Education, Title I and Free/Reduced Lunch (FARMS) programs have correct information in the program vectors.
  2. Students have the MSA/HSA Test Information page populated correctly.
  3. Students have the correct data on the HSA Scores and Total Combined page.
  4. Students have the correct data on the MD HighSchool Assessment page.
  5. Students who you are creating the test file for have a Test record for the correct test date.

High School Assessment File Prompts



Building List

This prompt identifies which building(s) to be included in the data extract.  If you click Selected, you may enter or select more than one building.  If you want to run the report for all buildings, click All.

Test Date

Enter the test start and end dates.

Test Month Year

Select the appropriate Test Month and Year. 


This is only used when you select the Summer value in the Test Month Year field.


Select the appropriate Test that you are sending the pretest file for.

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