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Attendance Setup

Attendance Views 

Administration > Attendance Setup > Setup > Attendance View Setup

Several State Reporting reports for Maryland include Attendance data. For this information to be accurate, your Attendance Views that are used for State Reporting must be set up properly. This section of the documentation gives you information regarding Attendance View Setup for Maryland State Reporting.

  1. Several of the reports allow you to select the Attendance View to use for reporting.  If you want to create a State report (i.e. the Habitual Truant report) for more than one building at a time, all buildings that you select must have the same View Type set up. The way the View calculates can be different, but the View Type code must be the same.
  2. You may set up Minute or Period Attendance Views for use with Maryland State Reporting. 
  3. You must have a view in each building that separates unlawful absences from lawful absences since the Habitual Truant report data is to be reported for unlawful absences only.

The MD Habitual Truant Report calculates Truancy as required by the Stateā€”no additional set up is necessary for this report.

There is no requirement to setup Attendance Intervals for Maryland State Reporting.

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