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Scheduling Setup

State Course Info

Scheduling > Courses > District Courses > State Course Info
Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > State Course Info
Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > State Course Info

State Defined Core CourseChecked if the course counts as a core course for the IL School Report Card's class size counts in Sections 8 and 10. By default, this box is checked. You only need to clear the box and save when a course should not be included in IL School Report Card class size counts.
Exclude Health and Wellness

Checked at the Master Schedule level if the IL School Report Card should exclude the course-section when calculating Section 6, average days of PE per week per student. This only applies if the course-section has a State Course code in the building course catalog that is defined with the Health and Wellness flag selected.

By default, this box is not selected. Only select it if you need to exclude the course-section from processing.

For complete information on IL School Report Card Health and Wellness setup, refer to Health and Wellness Section Course Setup.

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