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Purge ISBE Submission Files

Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, select ISBE submenu, select ISBE, and then select IL Purge ISBE Submission Files.

Use this option to remove data from the ISBE download tables after you have created the State Files. It is up to your District how often and how much data you purge. Remember that you will not be able to view the ISBE data in eSchoolPlus from the IL Student Summary page after you have purged it.

Fiscal YearThe school year you are running the purge for. The year that you enter here will control what dates appear in the Purge Date Dropdown.
Purge YearSelect the Download date that you want to create the ISBE files for.
Submission Files to Purge

Check the boxes for the submission file download tables that you want to purge.

Refer to the ISBE Download Processing page for more details on the individual submission files.

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