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Emergency Day ADA Procedural Outline

The following outline takes you through set up required before you run the Emergency ADA calculation, related prerequisites, and summary of the reports that reflect the calculation's results.

To calculate and report Emergency Day ADA information:

Emergency Day ADA Prerequisites




Attendance needs to be entered for the three calendar membership dates prior to the emergency day.  Refer to the System Processing section for information on how eSchoolPlus determines the calendar dates to use for calculating the emergency date's ADA.


Run the Day Totals Calculation through the most recent membership attendance date (Attendance > All > Utilities > Day Totals Calculation).


Update the appropriate building's Emergency Day ADA with the dates for any Emergency Days.  (Administration > Registration Setup > Building District Defined > Emergency Day ADA).


Designate the appropriate dates as Emergency Days for the appropriate building's default calendar (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar). Select the calendar you wish to edit. Click the Detail Page button to open the Month view. Select the appropriate calendar date.

Settings are as follows:

  • Membership Day box checked
  • Membership Value of 0
  • Attendance Day box unchecked
  • Include in Totals box unchecked

Emergency Day ADA Calculation Procedures




Run the Emergency Day ADA calculation using the prompts described following this checklist. (Regulatory > Reports > Reports > IL Calculate ADA For Emergency Days)


Review the calculated aggregate Membership and Absence results for the processed buildings back on each building's Emergency Day ADA page.


If the calculated results do not look correct, you can go back and review attendance data for the three membership attendance dates used in the calculation.  Update attendance until it is accurate.


Re-run the Day Totals Calculation through the last membership attendance date before the Emergency Day or Days.


If needed, re-run the Emergency Day ADA Calculation with the Recalculate box checked.

Note that this recalculates all Emergency Days for the regular or summer school environment.


The building's calculated Emergency Day ADA values are reflected as follows in your Illinois state attendance reports:

  • Based on date range, the IL End of Year Report's Section F., Other School, shows the building's Emergency Day ADA Membership and Absences totaled into Membership Days and Absence Days respectively.
  • For the General State Aid Claim Summary Report, the second section's Total Days of Claimable Attendance totals include the difference between Emergency Day ADA Membership and Absences for the selected buildings, broken down by month.  A separate section lists the buildings, emergency dates, and membership/absence totals included in the report.


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