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Parent-Child OCR School Form Reporting

The OCR Building Setup page allows you to associate multiple buildings with the same Federal Building Code. This allows you to report OCR School Form counts for several buildings totaled under a single "parent" building. For example, if you have a freshman center for grade 09 (building 88) and a high school for grades 10 – 12 (building 99) that are recognized as a single building for federal reporting, you would apply the setup for building 99 and this is applied to building 88.

To Set Up Parent-Child Reporting for OCR School Form Counts

  1. Access the OCR Building Setup for the parent building (use the menu path Regulatory > Civil Rights Data Collection > Setup > OCR Building Setup). This is the building where you want to include totals for other locations. Using the example given above, you would access the OCR Building Setup for Building 99.
  2. Review the OCR Building Setup for the parent building, including the Federal Building Code.
  3. Use the Apply this setup to buildings field to select the "child" buildings you want to associate with this Federal Building Code and OCR Building Setup. Using the example given above, you would select Building 88.
  4. Click Save. The parent building's OCR Setup is applied to the buildings you selected. After you save, the following effects are reflected in eSchoolPlus:
    • When you access the OCR Building Setup for one of the child building's, a message displays noting the building uses setup information for the parent:


    • When you run the OCR Reports for the parent building, the School Form counts will include a total of counts for the parent and all "child" buildings. You will see this reflected on the OCR Summary page for the parent building. For more detailed information, refer to Processing OCR Reports for Parent-Child Buildings and OCR Summary for Parent-Child Buildings.
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