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Tasks Database Tab

Use the Tasks Database tab to define connection information for the database server running tasks for eSchoolPLUS applications and for Teacher Access Center Error Reporting.

The connection information for the eSchoolPLUS application is always required, as it is used for storing the Unique ID that appears on the District List tab and detail window. The Tasks database is also used to store the Tenant information. 

If the Database Information or the Connection Information entered for eSchoolPlus are changed for an existing Task Database record, a warning displays to notify you that if you change the connection information for the Tasks database, you may impact the unique ID and tenant information. 


This window is divided into multiple sections.

Database Information

Database TypeSelect the database type (typically, SQL Server).
Database ServerEnter the name or IP address and SQL Server instance name of the database.
DatabaseEnter the database name.

Connection Information

Use these fields to enter the login information each application will use to connect to the Tasks database. Enter the SQL Server Login ID used for accessing this database.

eSchoolPLUSThe Login ID, Password, and Confirm fields are required.
Teacher Access Center Error ReportingIf the TAC Installation Directory is filled in on the Installation tab, the Login ID, Password, and Confirm fields are required.
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