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Tabs and Windows

The District Configuration Utility features the following tabs.

In this section, you will find an overview of what each tab is used for and detailed information about the fields on each tab.



Installation Tab

Holds information about your system that is needed in order to create configuration files for your PowerSchool products.

Integrations Tab

This tab is divided into multiple sub-tabs which allow you to enter and update information necessary for integrating with Unified Classroom, including Single Sign-On between eSchoolPLUS applications and other applications outside the traditional eSchoolPLUS suite (eSchoolPLUS, TAC, and HAC), as well as database connection information for the database used for storing authorization information for the K-12 Authentication Provider.

Tasks Database Tab

Holds information regarding error reporting in Teacher Access Center and login information for applications that connect to the Tasks Database.

Tenants TabAllows you to define the identity provider information required for single sign on and the App Switcher IDs for application personas. From this tab, you can access the Tenant Information Window.

District List Tab

Allows you to add details for each database that users need to access in eSchoolPLUS, TAC, HAC, Whiteboard, and IEPPLUS, as applicable. If you have a live and test database, you will have two rows on this tab.

From this tab, you can access the District Information Window.

Home Access Tab

Allows you to customize the message and indicate a log for displaying on the Home Access Center login page. You can also update the error page message here as well.

Browser Support Tab

Includes fields that are used by the necessary applications in regard to browser support.

Password Maintenance Tab

Includes fields for enabling and configuring the password maintenance features in TAC.

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