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Staff Program Mass Update

You can use this utility to mass update the CA Staff Program information that will be used to send the correct data to CALPADS in the Staff Demographics file. This utility does not create new Staff Program records. If you have updated Staff information in eSchoolPlus from another system you will use this utility to update the information for a group of staff. Typically you would use this to update the Start Date of the Staff Program record, but you can also use it to update the Program Value for a group of staff members.

This utility creates a backup of the Staff Programs table before you make any changes in case you need to revert to the data prior to your mass update. You will get a csv file in Tasks/Reports that contains the data from the reg_programs_staff table prior to your update.

  1. Go to Regulatory > CALPADS > Utilities > Staff Program Mass Update. You will be taken to a page that allows you to search for the group of staff that you want to update program information for. Enter your search criteria in the Filter panel. Click Load Records to display the search results. The Program Line Name for the field numbers on the CA Staff Program are listed below:
    • 1 = Former First Name
    • 2 = Former Middle Name
    • 3 = Former Last Name
    • 4 = Education Level
    • 5 = Position Status
    • 6 = Hire Date
    • 7 = Exit Date
    • 8 = Total Years in Education
    • 9 = Total Years in District
  2. The results will display under the Records To Be Updated panel. Select the data elements you want to update under the Prompts panel. Click Run when you have your values set properly.
    • NOTE: The program does not verify that you have entered a valid value in the New Value field. Please make sure that the value you have entered is correct.If your selection criteria does not select specific vector, the utility will only update the most recent vector.
  3. If you are updating the Start Date for a program vector, you need to make sure that you update the previous vector's end date for the same group of staff. Use your Filter to search for the prior year End Date. For example, if you searched the Start Date = 11/01/2018 in Step 1, use the Filter to search for End Date = 10/31/2017.
  4. The search results will display at the bottom of the page. Under the prompts panel, select the same Area and Field Name used in Step 2. Enter the day prior to the Start Date you selected in Step 2.
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