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Staff Building Information

Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Staff > Building Information panel
All staff members that you want to include in the CALPADS Fall 2 submission must be assigned to at least one building. If a staff member is not associated with a physical building, assign the staff member to the designated "District-Level" building.

If your district is tracking homeroom information for students, you must also ensure that Staff Members have an entry in the Primary Homeroom field. To assign a Primary Homeroom, select the building on the Building Information panel. This will take you to the Staff Building Information page. The Primary Homeroom field is located on the General Information panel.

Staff Room Tracking Example

You also should have a District-Defined Staff Building page to track when a teacher taught in a particular room. Your district will set up this page, but it may look a little like the following. The Homeroom Tracking page is located on the Staff Building Information page (Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Staff > Building Information panel > select Building > District Defined panel > Homeroom Tracking).

Important Note: The first time you change a teacher's Primary Homeroom in eSchoolPlus, you will need to come to this page and enter a record for the previous homeroom.
For example, if a teacher has been in Homeroom 100 since he/she started working at the District in 1998, but for the 2010-2011 school year he/she is moving to Homeroom 200, you would need to update your Room Tracking page to have two records, one for the previous homeroom and one for the new homeroom.

CA Staff Programs

Regulatory > CALPADS > Entry > CA Staff Programs
In order to correctly report Staff Demographic information to CALPADS, we have to track the Effective Date of change on some data elements. This is being done using Staff Programs—when data is changed for these data elements, a trigger in the database updates the Staff Program record. We have added a page for you to view this information. It behaves like the Student Programs page.

We recommend that you do not make changes to the data here unless you are absolutely sure that you are updating it correctly. If you need to update data on this page for a several Staff Members, you can use the Staff Program Mass Update process.

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