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Create Physical Fitness Test (PFT) File

Regulatory > Utilities > Utilities > Create Physical Fitness Test (PFT) File
This utility will create the Student Physical Fitness Test File.


  1. Student Physical Fitness Test Results should have been entered into the PhysicalFitnessTest Test.
  2. Students must have a State Reporting ID in order to be included in the file.
  3. Make sure that users who need to create the files have the security resource (CA-UTILITIES-PFT).




School Year

Enter the school year.

As of Date

For the submission, choose a date for the report to be run "as of". Extract will include students who were active from the beginning of the school year provided in the School Year prompt, until the date specified in this prompt

Building Groups

Choose a building type as populated from the Building Group table. This field is optional and if left blank the extract will run for all buildings.

Grade List

Select the grade or grades that you want to create the file for.

Log File Type

This prompt is used to indicate which type of file the user wishes to generate. Selecting CSV will create the file in Excel format. Selecting Text will create the file in Text format.

Extract Prompts

Check the Student Record box to generate the Student Physical Fitness Test file.

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