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Calculate UC-CSU Course Requirements

Regulatory > CALPADS > Utilities > Calculate UC/CSU Course Requirements
This utilitiy calculates if a student has met the UC/CSU requirements and update the UC/CSU Requirements met fieild on the CA Demographics page with the results of the calculation, either Y or N.

  1. The program uses the Validation table US CSU Credits List to determine the amount of credit and the lowest grade for each A-GX category.
  2. Last year graduating students are processed. These students are determined by the Graduation School Year on the Academic page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Academic). If you are in school year 2009-2010, the system will look at students with a value of 2009 in the Graduation School Year field.
  3. The student's courses are then processed. Each course is the put into the A-G category (UC CSU Approved Course). When the A-F categories are met, the course, if marked as an UC CSU Elective, will then be counted as a GX course.
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