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CA Prior Diploma Types

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > CA Prior Diploma Types

Use this page for cases where you need to track changes to a student's diploma type (SSID School Completion Status). To do so, you will enter prior Diploma Types and associate an Exit Date with each code. The Exit Date indicates the last calendar day when the Diploma Type applied to the student.

As an example, you would use this page for students who have exited enrollment with a Withdrawal Code (Student Exit Category) state code equivalent of E230, but for whom you need to report specialized service enrollment through the SSID file. This could be a student who finished coursework but failed the CAHSEE. In this case, the student would have a Diploma Type indicating this School Completion Status up to the date when he/she passes the exam.

The below section, Reporting Changes in Diploma Type, specifically addresses prerequisites, Entry/Withdrawal, and prior diploma type selection for a student with special services enrollment to retake the CAHSEE. There are general notes in the procedure that apply to use of the Prior Diploma Types page for other situations.

Reporting Changes in Diploma Type

The Prior Diploma Types page gives you a way to report changes in a student's Diploma Type through the SSID file. The example below shows how the page is used for a student who leaves regular district enrollment but is receiving specialized services in order to complete all diploma requirements. It includes more general information on how to use this page in other cases.

The steps that follow describe setup, use of Entry/Withdrawal, and entry on the Prior Diploma Types page needed to report the student's Diploma Type (CALPADS School Completion Status) in the SSID file.

  1. For the specialized services enrollment student, you will need to add a Calendar for the appropriate building to signify the student's unique enrollment status. This can be a copy of the regular calendar for the year you are reporting (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar).
  2. On the CA Instituiton page, update the Special Services Calendar field with the Calendar code you created in Step 1 (Administration > Registration Setup > Building District Defined > CA Institution).
  3. Make sure the student has an Entry/Withdrawal record signifying the time spent in specialized service enrollment for the appropriate school year (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Entry/Withdrawal). This step applies for any prior diploma type student you are tracking. You need the Entry/Withdrawal record as a way of creating the SSID record and reporting the prior diploma type.
    • The enrollment can be as brief as a single calendar date. The CALPADS SSID Extract will use this record to correspond with the Prior Diploma Type you set up.
    • Assign the student the Calendar you created in Step 1.
    • Make sure the record has a Withdrawal Date.
    • If you need to report more than one prior diploma type, make sure you have the appropriate number of Entry/Withdrawal records. Two prior diploma types will require two Entry/Withdrawal records in addition to the one you create in Step 4.
  4. Use an Entry/Withdrawal record to signify the student completing the appropriate diploma.
    • Again, this can cover a single day of enrollment.
    • Use the Calendar from Step 1.
    • For this record, the CALPADS SSID Extract uses the Diploma Type from the student's Academic page as long as you follow the appropriate setup in Step 5.
  5. Access the CA Prior Diploma Types page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > CA Prior Diploma Types). Here, you will select the Diploma Types (School Completion Status) to associate with the Entry/Withdrawal records you added in Step 3:
    • In the Last Exit Date field, select the last day the student should have the associated Prior Diploma Type reported. This needs to be before the Entry Date for the Entry/Withdrawal record associated with the next Diploma Type you are reporting. Also, choose a membership date.
    • Select the Prior Diploma Type to report in the SSID file's Student School Completion Status field for the Entry/Withdrawal range you added in Step 3.
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