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Mapping Codes

Once you download descriptor values, use the Mapping page to align local codes with state (descriptor) codes. 

Note: You can leave some local codes blank without assigning a state code.  If a local code is not assigned a state code and is then referenced in a record that needs to go to the state, DEX will mark that record as having a dependency and will not attempt to publish it to the ODS until an appropriate state code is assigned.

Map Codes

  1. From the Data Exchange Publishing page, click Settings, and then select the Mapping tab. 
  2. Select Map for the desired code set.
    You will see either a single District button in the code set, or a list of schools will appear.  If only District appears, then the local codes for this code set only apply at the district level.  However, if a list of schools displays, then the local codes are defined at the school level, and you will need to map codes for each school. 
  3. Map your local code values to the state codes.
    Codes are automatically saved when you make a selection.

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