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Enter, Test, and Save LEA Profile Associations

On the main configuration page, you can choose the profiles to associate with an LEA and then enter, test, and save the authentication secret and key for profiles. Once a profile connection is successfully tested, you can select to enable the profile.

In the Profiles column of the profile page's LEA section, if any profile names display with a green checkmark, their credentials have already been tested and confirmed for the LEA with the regulatory agency's ODS.

  1. From the Data Exchange Publishing page, click Settings, and then select the Configure tab. 
  2. In the LEA section, select (...) in the LEA's row, and then select Edit.
  3. Select the desired profile or profiles to associate with the LEA. 
  4. To delete an existing profile's association with the LEA, select X. A confirmation displays, because deleting the relationship will also delete items in the database.
  5. To verify a connection, enter or modify the Authentication Key and Authentication Secret values for a profile, and then select Test Connection.
    A success message displays if the credentials are correct, and an error displays if the validation fails.
  6. If the credentials are confirmed for a profile, a button displays so you can choose to enable or disable the profile for the LEA.
  7. Select Save.

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