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Configure Basic Settings

Configure Basic Settings

Follow these steps to configure the basic settings of your connection. 

  1. From the Data Exchange Publishing page, click Settings, and then select the Configure tab to display the Configuration Page. 

  2. Use the switch to enable or disable Data Exchange

  3. Select or clear desired logging options. 
    The system can store messages with varying levels of severity for review. Typically, only system errors are recorded. Select additional message types to diagnose issues where more detail is needed.

  4. If desired, change the number of simultaneous connections to be enabled.
    This is the number of individual data records that can be sent simultaneously via the web service to the State ODS. The state could be receiving data from hundreds of districts at the same time, so if this number is too high, the web service may report error 500. If set too low, it will take longer than necessary to transmit records. We recommend the default of 200.

  5. Select Save.

Your settings are now configured. Any existing Profiles and LEAs are listed below these settings.


Basic settings apply to all school years regardless of the year selected.

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