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What Files Will be Sent When & How

  • Districts are required to send all files at least once a month by the 15th of the month. The State is encouraging districts to submit data more frequently though so that their database is more up to date.
  • State Files are tab-delimited and contain a header row with the field names specified in the CEDARS Manual.
  • For every CEDARS Extract file, the file name includes the school year so the format is: AAAAA_BBBB_CCCCC_YYYYMMDD_XXXXYYYY.txt

AAAAA is the 5 digit State District number
BBBB is the building number or 0000 if run for all buildings
CCCCC is the file type, i.e DistrictStudent, SchoolStudent, Staff, etc.
YYYYMMDD is the extract date
XXXXYYYY is the school year (example 20102011)

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