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State ID Upload

Regulatory > Utilities > Utilities > State ID Upload
Use this option after you submit the SSID extract file to CEDARS, get the SSIDs provisioned, and download the tab-delimited file containing those state IDs.
To run the state ID upload:

  1. Before you access this option, make sure to name the file downloaded from CEDARS as follows: wa_ssid.txt
  2. Select Regulatory > Utilities > Utilities > State ID Upload.
  3. Select the Interface ID WASID.
  4. Select the appropriate Import Directory.
  • Choose User's Report Directory if the state file is saved in your eSchoolPLUS reports directory.
  • Choose This Directory to indicate a different path. To specify a different computer, enter the path as follows: \\machinename\DriveLetter$\path
  1. Click Run. The appropriate students have their State IDs updated on the Student Personal page.
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