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September 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.11.0



Release Note

ESP-65878WA FTE Aggregate Reports

Updated the field numbers 13 - Open Door Head Count, 14 - Open Door Non-Voc FTE, and 15 - Open Door Voc FTE to 228 - Open door head count, 229 - Open Door Non-Voc FTE, and 220 - Open Door Voc FTE in the Basic Enrollment file.

ESP-64936Create CEDARS Download/Extract

Updated the code base with string NULL value to string EMPTY value when retrieving the State Code Equivalent value for the Student Discipline (R) download/extract report.

ESP-66212Create CEDARS Download/Extract, Download Search, Student Summary and Student Remote Learning

Modified the logic for Snapshot week to the correct date range.

Updated the Remote Learning File (X) download/extract script to validate the State Code Equivalent value instead of Code value.

ESP-59867Create CEDARS Download/Extract and Programs (WABIL - WA Bilingual)

Added WA Placement Date, Test Scale Score, Test Level Score, Placement Test Code, Grade Level at Placement, and Placement Test Date date tracking date fields in the WA Bilingual page.

Implemented date track functionality for reporting with CEDARS Student Bilingual Programs (J) download.

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