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Scheduling Setup

Scheduling Setup Considerations

  • The State requires that a Student Schedule record be sent for every student in grades K-12. If the district does not schedule elementary students, eSchoolPLUS will create schedule records for the CEDARS files on the fly for students who do not have scheduling records. See the Elementary (Un-Scheduled) Student Schedule Records Setup section on setting up eSchoolPLUS properly so that the students who do not have schedules are reported properly.
  • To create the CEDARS Course Section file properly, you will need to set up a Course in the Course Catalog for each homeroom for grades/buildings that you do not schedule.
  • If a Staff Member is responsible for a homeroom, then his/her Staff Information must be updated to have the correct Homeroom value in the Primary Homeroom field on the Staff Building record.
  • Course Setup for Middle School Courses that can be counted for High School Credit must have the Middle School Building Type set up in the Master Schedule and not the High School Building Type. 

Elementary (Un-Scheduled) Student Schedule Records Setup

For eSchoolPLUS to correctly create schedule records for students "on the fly" you need to set up or verify the following items:

  1. WA Elementary Course Setup
  2. Course Catalog Setup
  3. WA Course Information
  4. Student Homerooms
  5. Staff Homerooms

The system will create the Student Schedule records, Course Catalog records and Staff Schedule records required by CEDARS for all students/courses.

 WA Elementary Course Setup

Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > WA Elementary Course Setup




Enter 80000. This is the course number from your Course Catalog that exists in all buildings that you do not schedule students in. The value in this field tells eSchoolPLUS where to find much of the data that needs to be in the Course Catalog, Student Schedule and Staff Schedule records.

Grade List

The values in this field tell the system which grades you do not schedule courses.

Term List

Enter the academic term values for the Student and Staff Schedule records for the school year. This correlates to the Term field on the Marking Period Setup page (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Marking Periods). If your District has two terms in a year, enter the two term values. If your District has three terms in a year, enter the three term values. Separate values with a comma.

Course Catalog Setup

Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > Building Course Catalog
You must set up one course for each building that does not schedule. The Course number must be 80000 and the State Course number should also be 80000.

Student Homerooms

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Registration
The students that you want the system to create CEDARS Student Schedule records for must be assigned to a Primary Homeroom that has a valid staff member assigned to it.

Staff Homerooms

Go to Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Staff to assign homerooms to staff members. On the Building Information panel, select the appropriate building to assign the Primary Homeroom to the staff member.

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