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October 2021 Minor 2 Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.13.0



Release Note

ESP-66315Create CEDARS Download/Extract

Updated the Course Catalog (D) download to not throw error message of CTE Core Plus Code Is Not Active when the WA Course Information is blank.

ESP-65529Create CEDARS Download/Extract

Added the Sequence and Sequence Group fields to the Course Catalog (D) and Student Non-Traditional Credit Attempt (T) download tables applicable for school year 2022 onwards.

ESP-65832Programs (WA Bilingual)

Added the bilingual programs warning message for the scenario - If the date for any of the fields is after all the Instructional Model date ranges.

ESP-66629WA Calculate Student Course FTE

Rollback functionality for old WASTUFTE and WASTUMONTHLY records. The old data will not be deleted from the system even if a student no longer meets the requirements to be recalculated.

ESP-66722WA FTE Aggregate Reports

Updated the 79 (Voc Gr 7-8 FTE) field with Voc ALE Gr 7-8 FTE option and 80 (Voc Gr 9-12 FTE) field with Voc ALE Gr 9-12 FTE option.

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